Mr. Music continues to blow us away with each new release and steps up his game once again with his latest hit above called “For The Longest Time”. He works with Gene Karma to produce an uptempo electronica beat that hit me on the level of the popular “The Way I Are”. The beat reels you in throughout the first 20 seconds as Mr. Music’s voice rings through with the song’s title, “For the longest time, I thought I was your man…”. There’s no denying that you’re immediately hooked after that. His vocals step up another level and compliment the beat beautifully. Lyrically, “For The Longest Time” illustrates the true story of a spurned love of Mr. Music, who naturally wrote the song over listening to the instrumental while stuck in traffic. The result is a touching, emotional story where almost every guy can at least find one part of the song and relate to it, more than likely through the masterful chorus. “For The Longest Time” is a unique R&B/electronica hit on first listen and beyond. You’ll want to put this on blast in the car and on repeat for days and weeks to come. And who knows? I can see this one tearin’ up the radio down the line. Hear for yourself and DL the track above as well as Mr. Music’s previous hit, “Déjà Vu” f/ LA below! Enjoy!
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