CHIndustry Magazine will be debuting February 28th 2009. CHI’s goal is to become one of Chicago’s leading industry publications with the intent of educating readers on the good, the bad, and the ugly of Chicago, as well as a minor focus on mainstream entertainent. CHI will be covering the hottest topics concerning music, fashion, and life in the city. We will offer advice on the best restaurants to dine, the best stores to shop, and the best clubs to have fun. CHI will also inform the public of the latest information concerning their favorite local artists, give exposure to talented individuals and organizations who are new to the Chicago scene, and direct readers to interesting programs, classes, and seminars held around the city.
CHIndustry Magazine was started because of a growing need of a publication pertaining to ALL aspects of Chicago’s urban scene. Being the third largest city in the US, and the largest in the Mid-West region, Chicago is often used as a place to market products and people of interest from all ends of the country. However, the attention given to Chicago’s individual market is ordinarily overlooked. This publication’s intent is to assist in bringing life and attention to Chicago’s unique urban scene, attract the interest of tourists and businesses outside the city, and celebrate the accomplishments of the city by the city itself. CHI will become a “go-to” guide for the rest of the US, keeping readers abreast of people, places, and things they may find interest in, but are unable to see personally.
With a circulation of over 5,000 copies of the first issue, CHIndustry Magazine’s distribution will cover not only the Chicago metropolitan area, but surrounding areas as well, and other major cities. CHI will be available in print, web and available on DVD. With the drive and focus of the company’s vision, CHI’s mission will look to expand its brand globally. Our target market will span from young teenagers to mature audiences ranging from all cultures, ethnic backgrounds, genders and other diversified areas, tailoring CHI to become the premier magazine of its kind with availability at local clothing stores, various bookstores, newsstands, events, clubs, college libraries, campus lounges, bars, concert venues, music stores and more. CHIndustry Magazine will be available in web form which will be updated weekly. CHI will be running a weekly television show, CHIndustryTV, beginning  February 2009. It will be aired on the website and also as a channel on the major viral website Youtube. The show will feature interviews, behind the scences, music videos, events, and much more!

CHIndustry Magazine
“Your Guide to Chicago’s Urban Entertainment”

Music. Fashion. Nightlife. Lifestyle

Coming 2009

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