The Buzz

Author: Stefanie Newell
ISBN: 978-0-9821484-0-2
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Ebony Jenkins has exactly what most women are seeking – a good looking devoted boyfriend, a flourishing business and a beautiful little girl. But what people don’t know is how she mixed hard work and deception to maintain the celebrity lifestyle she tries to emulate. Brought on by her desire to over-compensate for what she didn’t have as a child, Ebony has become an Internet addict obsessed with pop culture. Endless taunts by classmates for wearing hand me downs echoes in her mind and motivates Ebony to provide for herself and her daughter. She’s determined to do better than her mom did for her. But at what cost? 


An insurance settlement left by her deceased father helps her to open a thriving hair salon in Chicago’s Bronzeville community. While her business is successful, it’s just not enough for Ebony. At twenty-five with a business and a condo shared by her boyfriend and an impressive bank account, Ebony desires to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous by any means necessary. She dreams big and refuses to be content with what would be considered a fulfilling life for most. She fashions herself to be the baddest chick in the Chi and no one including her best friend Trina can share the spotlight with her. 



Things are going great for Ebony until she suspects her up and coming rapper boyfriend Buzz could be dating the newest R&B phenomenon Arika. Ebony’s obsession with celebrity gossip and dislike of all things popular in the media fuels her hatred for Arika and sends her on an all out Internet mission to ruin Arika’s blossoming career. But as she’s swept up in exposing Arika’s flaws and maintaining her faux celebrity lifestyle, Ebony uncovers some skeletons of her own. This novel shows that attaining fame and riches is not always what it’s cracked up to be!


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