But remember ya’ll there’s three golden rules to finding the perfectly fly pair of glasses.

1. Fit & Shape – Take a moment to consider the shape of your face. Is it wide? Heart-shaped? Square? These things matter when it comes to determining the right kind of glasses look best on you. Hint: Aviators are the only glasses that universally look good on everyone.

2. Color – I believe that glasses aren’t an accessory, they’re a statement. So when considering which glasses you’re going to invest in, make sure they are fluid and fit into your wardrobe and not just one piece. Hint: Rocking different coordinating glasses with every outfit is dead. The new fly is finding that right pair of signature shades that just somehow works with everything. 

3. Style – This is thee most important rule. Always know your own fly. If you’ve got your grown man on, chances are you’re not gonna look too hot in the Kanye ’stronger’ plastic slotted joints. Hint: Take a trip down memory lane and revisit all of your old glasses (the ones you haven’t lost) before you buy new ones. Make sure your style is growing with you and not against you. 

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