What a funny guy that Trent Reznor is, making fun of Chris Cornell for working with Timbaland on a new solo record, when in reality Reznor was just doing the same exact thing — releasing his  brand new, Timbaland-produced Nine Inch Nails album, Strobe Light. You can purchase the record directly from NIN.com for the mere price of $18.99 plus a 10 dollar digital delivery convenience fee… Oh wait, was this Reznor’s idea of an April Fool’s joke? 

Good job Trent. We were really looking forward to all those hot new tracks, especially your collaboration with Sheryl Crow on “Pussygrinder”. You really pulled our leg with this one, but we must say, the Kanye West sunglasses really do something for your stoic facade, and we were getting ready to download some sort of Windows media player just so we could play your new album on our Macbooks. 

Really though, the thought of a new Reznor album featuring the magical touch of Timbaland’s producer expertise and Reznor’s industrial edge could be something interesting enough to be worth listening to. We’re just going to let Chris Cornell suck up the low blow for this one and let Reznor reign as April Fools prankster-extraordinaire, because for a second there we almost thought he was serious.

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