Milan based photographer Giuseppe Circhetta is inspired by the things around him, and claims he’s always got his eyes wide open: “– Yeah, I always look around: in the subway, in my car, when I walk. Sometimes women themselves inspire me because of their personality, sometimes a location or a beautiful dress. Many photographers as well produce images I like a lot: I think there should always be cross-contamination and I do lots of research for that.

He decided to start photographing years ago, when finding his father’s old Zenith camera: “– It was a revelation to look at the common world in an extraordinary way. I have been shooting professionally for about two years now.

Over the last year his work has been published in a few German, English and Spanish magazines, including Practical Photography and Teaser. “– At the moment I am looking for new collaborations to publish my editorial work, that is undoubtly my favourite kind of photography.

Check out some of his work after the jump.


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