“Help simplify and aesthetically improve everything we see hear, touch, taste and feel…We need to take what Michael Jackson felt and Mcqueen and Steve Jobs and we need make things better..When me and Jay toured… ever night I peered into the audience astonished by the different walks of life that came to support us..The adrenaline is running… I don’t know if I can even get to sleep now… From Wall street to the London riots to Chicago murders..I sit everyday and ask what can I do to make a difference…I know this is not a very rapper thing to say but I haven’t bought a new car or piece of jewelry in about 2 years..There are so many broken systems from the economy to school systems jail systems… we need experts for this..We need scientist and top world designers to directly affect governments..”.

This is what Kanye West tweeted few hours ago about the launch of his new design company called DONDA with the intent to create “products and experiences” for people.. The company will have 22 different divisions, including architects, graphic designers, directors, producers, social media experts, publishers, nutritionists, scientists, doctors, lawyers, teachers, A&R’s, etc..A brand new adventure for Mr West? If anyone would like to reach out email his company at contactDONDA@gmail.com

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