In recent years, Pusha T has been bringing light to America’s system of slavery mass incarceration through his rhymes and activism. The President of G.O.O.D. Music sat down with Complex Magazine to talk about the problems from unfair punishment in Behind the Bars.

Things continued into Kid Cudi’s brotherhood with Kanye West and how he doesn’t step in the middle of his two friend’s private issues becoming public – like any other normal person having a rift with loved one. However, Plex tried to get some information on his thoughts regarding Drake’s subliminal lines on “Two Birds, One Stone” diss track from last month.

King Pusha Terrence on the Drizzy subliminals.

I heard something. I would never, ever attribute that song to myself. My past is cemented. My past happened. Like slavery happened. The Holocaust happened. You can’t ever question anything that has actually happened. I’m not speaking to him at all. I’m telling you, the real of it is: It ain’t real if it’s about me. For me and my friends, drugs was the mischief. It’s what everybody did, it’s what kids did. You sold drugs. That’s what you were going to do.”

Watch the interview here.


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