Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 5 show was an intimate affair that started relatively on time.

Invites for the show went out earlier this week. Like previous seasons, it was wearable: an oversized olive green sweatshirt with “LOST HILLS” on the stomach and sleeves in chenille letters.

Hosted at Pier 59, attendees braved about as many check-in points as the average airport, and were eventually led into a dark room with a pitch black obelisk in the middle. As people got settled, the lights went low and the show began. Set to The-Dream’s reference track of J. Holiday’s “Bed,” looks flashed on the obelisk, turning isometrically before fading to black between looks.


YEEZY Season 5 presented a new kind of Americana. Firmly rooted in the workwear and militaria staples of past seasons, this new iteration adds plenty of Western-inspired silhouettes.

Trucker jackets, washed denim, flannel shirts, and YEEZY’s trademark woodland camos were prevalent in Carhartt-inspired work jackets and fatigue pants, portraying an elevated everyman aesthetic toeing the line between Walmart utility and Barneys desirability. Reflective fireman’s coats and genuine GORE-TEX outerwear further expanded on the YEEZY oeuvre.

the most interesting part was the presentation. It was a show for the Snap and Instagram generation.—and not just because the show included models like Sofia Richie and Luka Sabbat.

Through projecting all the looks on a four-sided pillar, there was literally not a bad seat in the house. Everyone in the front row to the people standing in the back got to see the same amount of detail.


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