By April Mae

They say beauty is in “The Eye of The Beholder “, but should that determine what type of treatment beauty deserves?

There are so many disagreements about what’s good and bad in the world.  ”Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” is a phrase with the power to silence opinions. Things that pass judgment on are obviously not in the eye of the beholder.  To be honest, no one really believes in this phrase to its core. Society see’s beauty in so many different ways, levels, and spectrum’s. We don’t think all tastes are equal.  If beauty simply lays in the eye of the beholders, then it would presumably be sane to stand up and assert that a smelly junk yard matter was a lovely place. Everything would be beautiful.

With all that being said, I want to share with you the real life of “Beautiful Women “. A lot of people think that just because a woman is beautiful, she can get anything she wants. This is where society gets it all wrong. Being beautiful isn’t easy at all. It comes with assumptions, hate, and insecurities in many different aspects of life. Sometimes it takes balls to be a woman.  

“When Beauty Feels Like An Apology

I would have never guessed that being beautiful carries so much baggage, but sadly it does. Being beautiful presents so many challenges. For one, you always have to prove to society that you aren’t all caught up into yourself, based off your opinion. You have to assure to them that you have a humble nature about yourself. For two, when you are beautiful, there’s no such thing as insecurities or low self-esteem. It also mean having to downplay your light or confidence for the sake of friendships. Trust me; I’ve been through that one before. It’s really not fair. Beauty is definitely a curse. If anything, being beautiful can be very lonely at times. It can feel like an apology that you eventually offer to the world.

I asked myself why being beautiful can at times feel lonely. It is also believed that beauty can get you anything you’ve ever wanted in this life.  Just because you are beautiful people think you have advantages due to your looks. Society thinks you will always be taken care of just because you are beautiful. Unfortunately, our society finds it very difficult to empathize with the struggle of being beautiful.

I’ve have had people tell me they couldn’t date me because of the way I looked. They said to date me, they would need constant assurance. They felt as if people being attracted to my beauty, it would break our bond.


There’s also the gift of beauty! One of the gifts of beauty is extra attention. Attention isn’t always wanted, but it always given to a beautiful woman and even men. Examples of extra attention may be your car getting some extra care at the car wash, or the dry cleaners may have your clothes ready by the next day for a low price, or drinks given to you at a bar/club. When you really think about it, all of these aren’t done out of kindness, there done out of you being beautiful. This also means that they may want some extra attention from you. It gets weird because they have done these things for you, but what if you don’t have the time, or don’t view them in the same way they view you? It’s not like you asked for this. A beautiful woman with a visual charm isn’t immune from pain and suffering. Just because she is beautiful doesn’t mean she doesn’t hurt too. Please don’t make assumptions about her life.

Beauty isn’t always what you wake up looking like, because beauty comes at a high cost, both time wise and financially. The beautiful woman doesn’t roll out of bed with glitter on her eyelids and that amazing outfit that you are judging.  She works hard for what she looks like. Spending time on facials, fighting wrinkles, exercising, eating healthy, and praying that things stay intact, is something we go through daily.

The main thing women should take from this is, “You are NOT Ugly, society is”.

Remember beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. Different people have different opinions about what or who is beautiful.

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